How To Wash and Dry Ski Pants and Bibs

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How to Wash Ski Pants

Ski and winter clothing may require different care than your regular clothing to keep their waterproof and protective qualities so it’s important to know how to care for these, often, very expensive items. In this article, we will look at how to care for your SKI PANTS including how to wash and dry them so they keep their just new appearance and to prevent damage. 

There are some who rarely, if ever, wash their ski clothes believing washing will remove the fabrics water repellent properties and that it isn’t necessary. And while it‘s not recommended to over wash such garments, it won’t hurt to wash them twice a season to keep them hygienic and clean. Plus a clean pair of pants is likely to perform better as cleaning will unclog the tiny pores which keep the clothing waterproof and breathable.

Washing care label

Before you wash your ski pants

Before washing your ski-pants or SKI-BIBS, please check the washing instruction label to see if you can wash them in your washer. You shouldn’t dry clean your ski clothing (unless otherwise stated) but always check first before putting anything into your washer - just in case.

The instructions will tell you what temperature it’s safe to wash the garments and on which wash cycle. It’s easy to ruin a pair of pants by placing them into a washer on too higher temperature or on the wrong wash cycle setting so it‘s always best to check first.

For pants stained with grease or other stains that washing detergent alone won’t remove, use a spot treatment stain remover before you wash them (always read the stain remover label first to check it‘s an appropriate product to use on your garment).

Check your pockets and remove anything that shouldn’t be in there - picking bits of washed tissue off a pair of ski pants is probably not the way you planned to spend your evening! Keys and any sharp objects that may rip the fabric of your pants are essential to remove.

Close up any zips, poppers and especially velcro closures as the velcro rubbing onto the delicate fabric can cause abrasions and rips.

Washing your ski pants

  • Always use a gentle detergent such as a baby detergent, Woolite or a specialist detergent created especially for waterproof clothing.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach.
  • Do not wash with fabrics which could cause damage such as heavy denim with zips which may catch and rip your ski pants.
  • Do not overfill the washer, packing in lots of clothes may not only cause damage but it also impedes the flow of water and detergent around the clothes meaning they less likely to get a good clean.
  • Wash on cold water or delicate cycle with a low spin speed to avoid over rotating and possibly damaging your pants.

If you prefer (or you’re in a hotel or cabin without laundry facilities) hand washing is also okay, just be careful not to be too rough with your pants and ensure you rinse out all the detergent.

After you’ve washed your pants touch them to make sure they don’t feel soapy, if you think they still have soap from the wash, pop them back in for another rinse cycle to make sure there‘s none left.

Next, use an in-wash waterproofing solution on another wash cycle. Make sure that the product you use is for clothing and not outdoor equipment and that it is safe to use on your pants.

Drying your ski pants

Once out of the washer or the sink, gently remove excess water but be careful not to wring out the pants as this may cause damage.

  • Lay your pants out flat or hang on a strong hanger and allow to air dry.
  • Do not place your pants into a dryer as it will be too hot and could cause damage.
  • Do not place over a heat source and dry away from direct sunlight.

Once dry you can use a spray-on water repellant to keep them waterproof. Always read the instructions on both the water repellant and your clothing to make sure this is the correct product and it’s suitable for your pants.

How often should I Wash My Ski Pants?

People often ask how often they should wash their ski pants and that depends on how much you use them, what sports you use them for and whether they get dirty. Like a lot of things it also comes down to personal preference and just how much a dirty pair of pants bothers you.

Over washing isn’t good for your pants as it may cause damage to the material but areas of dirt can also hinder the waterproofing of your pants so you need to find a balance between keeping them clean and not over washing them. You might find that spot cleaning small areas of dirt is better and quicker than throwing them in the wash every time they get a small patch of dirt on them.

If you’ve washed your ski pants before packing them away at the end of the season, make sure they are completely dry and remove any dirt before packing away and storing in a dry place ready for next year.

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