What to Wear in NYC in Winter

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It’s one thing to visit New York City in any other time of the year, and it’s an entirely different thing altogether to hit it in winters.

NYC is infamous for its snowing, windy climatic onslaughts, but few places can beat its high street fashion scenario. And, if there’s one thing a New Yorker knows how to pull off, it is to look every bit stunning even across a wintery scape of thick snow.

And if you’re wondering what to wear in NYC in winter, then we’ve got you entirely “covered” on this!

Cause, today we’ll be listing down some basic requirements and bare necessities that will prepare you for a wintery high-fashion face-off with NYC’s icy grip!


New York City brings in cold, damp temperatures with prevailing wind patterns blowing offshore, that moderates the intense impacts of the Atlantic Ocean.

With whatever protection the Appalachians provide, the daily mean temperature of the city in January (the coldest month in the year for it), still drops to 32.6 Fahrenheit (0.3C) reaching levels down to 10F (-12C) many times per winter. They also reach 60F (-16C) several days in the coldest winter month.

1. Layers and layers and layers!

Be it a native New Yorker or someone who has previously experienced the weather extremities, one thing they have mastered for the winters is the art of layering. So go ahead and glam up the look with several layers of long-sleeved shirts and vests, color-coordinating in a way that redefines NYC winter fashion!

Thermals are an excellent base layer to wear in winter. You can opt for a synthetic construction or go with a wool based layer. Merino wool is an excellent material choice. 

Fleece-lined tights are ideal for occasions when you have to wear skirts or dresses. You could even wear them under your basic jeans as well!

Make sure you have all of your warm sweaters and fleeces at hand so you can layer them up however you want. It’s best to avoid low cuts or off-shoulders as these won’t hold up against the freezing weather.

A fleece is an ideal mid layer or you can even wear an insulated jacket if it’s cold. 

Also, keep in mind that places like museums and many restaurants could be overheated! Cardigan sweaters or open style sweaters could be the perfect picks for trips to such places. 

Wearing layers will allow you to regulate your body temperature by peeling off or adding to your outfit depending on the level of activity you’ll be doing and the temperature.

2. Long-legged Lowers

Fleece-lined leggings are suitable for daytime strolls and sightseeing. It’s better to go for darker colors like blacks, darker grays or even plums than lighter ones for two reasons.

First, darker colors will absorb more light and heat than lighter, reflective hues. Second, darker colors will not show up the dirt owing to the melted snow you may collect from the sidewalks of the city as easily as lighter colors.

3. Boots for the winter New Yorker!

The shoes you wear in the New York winter climate is the other important aspect of your outfit besides clothing. Invest in a strong, durable pair of water-resistant winter boots. If the condition is utterly snowy with the temperatures fluctuating back and forth, there could be muddy puddles and patches of ice on the sidewalks to tackle. A sturdy pair of winter boots with gripping soles will make your walk comfortable, warm and dry.

Riding boots with flat or low heels could up the fashion quotient for every attire while adding another layer of protection and insulation for your legs and feet. But make sure whatever you go for is waterproof.

4. Coats for NYC winter!

A coat for tackling the NYC climate should provide resistance against the chilly winds at all costs along with keeping you warm and dry. 

Whether they are longer pea-coats, Parkas or trenches, make sure they provide proper insulation. Parkas are a great NYC winter coat as they provide an excellent level of insulation along with protecting more of your body/leg because of their longer design. 

5. Accessories

And when it’s New York, of all places, you won’t run out of ideas for accessories to double up on the glam quotient! These will even include winter essentials to protect your head, ears, face, neck, and hands.

Go for lovely, fluffy beanies or “trappers” that could provide all the comfort and warmth. Ear-bands and muffs are vital for the ears and head during chilling drafts.

Do not forget to get good, heavy winter gloves and mitts going that will protect your hands from frostbite, keeping them comfortably warm and not numb.

Scarves are versatile as a fashion accessory and look good with almost every kind attire. They also help to block out the wind, keeping your neck and face comfortable. But, do not forget to take a neck gaiter for when a scarf won’t cut it in the cold. 

Conclusion – What to Wear in NYC in Winter

Now you know what to wear in New York in winter. We hope that you liked this guide as much as we loved working it all up for you!

Happy slaying the high street winter fashion in New York!

Till next time..!

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