What to Wear in Vegas in Winter

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Las Vegas may be one of the most exciting gateways on earth. 

However, the winters in Vegas might just play a spoilsport for your intrigues, blowing its desert chill all over your plans.

So, does that mean you must leave your favorite dresses (or blazers for men) back at home, cladding yourself in bulky winter clothes?

Well, we don’t think so, and we have good reasons for it. But what’s even better is that we have brought all of our Vegas-appropriate winter fashion ideas for you today in the following extensive read!

So, all you have to do is sit back and go through what we have for you before letting it all loose in Las Vegas!


Whatever you do, always remember that despite the hot desert climate, the winters in Las Vegas can be chilly even in the absence of any snow. The average temperatures in Las Vegas during December and January might be around 55F/13C at higher altitudes and approximately 38F/3C for lower levels.

But this will also be one of the best times of the year to hit Vegas giving you the perfect wintry atmosphere for lush cocktailsand excitingly cozy date nights!

So gear up for the joy ride ahead! And here’s a guide on what to wear in Vegas in winter.

1. Chique winter apparels

One of the most admirable things about the winters in Las Vegas is that it could be perfect for those lovely, woolen fluffs and those retro-chick leather jackets alike! Opt for soft, thin base layers where you could put on a pretty long-sleeved sweatshirt or just a regular, thicker shirt.

For men, a base layer with a shirt accompanied by a v-neck sweater is a sharp look. Or, you could dress down with a base layer and crew neck. 

A good leather or synthetic jacket goes a long way in protecting you from inclement weather while looking immensely cool at the same time. 

Prefer fleeces? Pair one with a base layer and a coat on top when it’s cold. 

When the mercury drops a winter coat such as a Parka is ideal as an outwear layer. 

2. The date night outfit!

For an exciting night out in the town pair up an LBD with some good leather crop jackets.. Do not forget to put on at least knee-high boots which would look rad with the rest of the attire. But these serve a functional and vital purpose of protecting your legs from the cold.

And for all those who are looking to get their favorite bodycon dresses on, we’ve got a word of advice for you- go and amp it up with a playful scarf.

And for all the guys, scorch up the place in leather or any other look inclining towards a “formal” outfit. Or, keep it disarmingly casual with awesome sweats and pullovers!

3. The perfect winter ball cocktail

Missing out on the elaborate cocktail or formal evenings out in Vegas would mean missing out on half of Vegas itself. 

If you’re going with a simple, flowy dress for such evening galas, remember to add a touch of the bold by pairing it up with glamorous stoles or shawls, preferably embroidered or embellished to do the talking for you.

And for the wild and fearless in you that could flash a long leg and keep it classy at the same, we would suggest a flirty crop jacket (preferably leather) over an evening gown to bring the best of both worlds together!

And for the guys, nothing beats a tux!

4. The right shoes

The sooner you decode your preferences about pumps, closed shoes and boots, the better it is. Because the Vegas chill won’t really let you be the fancy-toed people, you might expect to be.

But, you could still customize a look if you have got the right sense of footwear fashion for the occasion. Although we aren’t asking you to wear uggs with cocktail dresses, you could still get pump-stilettos or gorgeous peep-toes to complete that look.

But, the arena for playing with different boots is open to all! Choose any kind and burn the chill up with some insane footies out in the cold weather.

You could either go for comfy woolen socks or thigh-high terry-wool stockings to add that extra edge to the overall look! This could work just fine with any evening style or even with any casual day look!

And for the guys, any winter boot or sturdy sports shoes would do as there won’t be a snowy situation to worry about.

5. A place for your head

Although you won’t experience freezing temperatures in Las Vegas (unlike places like Alaska), you could still catch a chill if you’re spending too long outside in that kind of weather.

Remember to cover your head, ears, and neck before going out. Any woolen beanie or long woolen caps that could cover your ears and rest about your neck will do just fine.

But do not forget to take your scarves and mufflers/neck gaiters! These will provide you with all the additional comfort and protect you from the chilly desert wind.

6. Accessories

When in Vegas, you cannot NOT think of accessorizing your look with some of the most gorgeous pieces of style gears ever. Pair up your winter look up with pretty scarves, hot clutches, and dapper shoes! The sky’s the limit for either gender with accessorizing in winter!

Go for cool woolen caps, snazzy mufflers, and adorable earmuffs! Looks good on everybody! Protects from the chill! What more do you need?

7. Jackets

You could have so many options when going for jackets. Be it pile-ons, puffers, leather, or synthetic, get one that comes with the appropriate temperature ratings to ensure that it protects you from the cold sufficiently and looks good at the same time.

Jackets are the most versatile outfits that could compliment practically anything you wear, adding style and comfort. And this works just as well for either gender.

Conclusion – What to wear in Vegas in Winter

So this was all about what you could wear in Las Vegas in winter. We hope you liked this guide as much as we loved putting all of it out there for you!

Happy tripping in Las Vegas!

Till next time!

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