What to Wear Over a Formal Dress in Winter

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You might be wondering, that for a season that demands you to pile layers and layers of clothing, what can it have anything to do with fashion?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know how creative you can genuinely get with these layers of clothes. Even when the dropping temperatures mean you’re bundled up.

However, though we’re making it sound rather easy, matching your fashion to the changing weather is another ball game altogether.

And the choices for the right wear get even more complicated when formal attire is involved.

We won’t be surprised to hear that you’ve been reticent to purchase a beautiful gown because you’re struggling to know exactly what you should wear on top of it that won’t ruin its beauty or style.

Don’t worry; in this guide today, let us help you out with just that.

We’re going to list some of the possibilities which are bound to get you sorted for the rest of the season.

The faux fur coat

Not many can deny the charm and utility that a faux fur coat is able to bring to the table.

This timeless winter classic has been around for centuries now and is just perfect for those regions that face harsh winters.

Faux fur coats can keep you warm even in a blizzard. It works on the principle of air convection which implies that wind removes heat faster, the faster it blows. But when the wind hits a solid object, the air is contained within the boundaries and insulates the heat flow completely.

So, the thicker the faux fur coat, the warmer it will keep you.

The leather jacket

You might now be thinking, ‘A leather jacket over a formal attire, really?’

You will be surprised to know how well it actually works and how flawlessly it goes with some forms of evening gowns.

However, the primary purpose behind the leather jacket is to provide an element of surprise to your overall appeal. It adds that extra bit of spunk which brings out that ‘badass’ aspect of your nature along with keeping things sufficiently cordial.

But, if you’re opting for a leather jacket, do keep in mind to go for contrasting textures to bring the uniqueness of your fashion statement. Going for an extremely black jacket with a white cocktail dress can be one way to go.

The belted robe coat

The belted robe coat is one of the more versatile winter wear options that you will find. What makes it such a promising option is how it can be used all throughout the day and on both formal and casual occasions. It’s a real winner in your closet, a coat that you will pull out time and time again for its versatility and charm.

The coats are not excessively bulky and complement the figure rather well especially the cinched in waist which is often lost on other coats and jackets.

They allow a lot of room for experimentation as well; you can go for a long robe with a short dress or a long dress with a short robe; whichever appeals to you more.

The shawl

If the place you live in doesn’t see extreme temperature drops during the colder months, then a shawl can work well.

This winter wear is as minimalist as you can get and is a great way to keep your back and arms warm all throughout the day.

Additionally, shawls are very occasion friendly and can go with any form of attire, making you feel warm and nestled on any occasion.

The winter scarf

One of the best things about scarves is that it comes in various shapes, sizes, and thickness.

So depending on the amount of temperature drop your region sees during the winter, the thickness of the scarves will change accordingly as well.

Scarves come especially handy if you love going for long walks on snowy days. They are somewhat minimalist in design and go a long way in keeping your neck warm and protecting them from cold winds, while at the same time complementing your outfit.

The boots

Yes! Just like leather jackets, boots too can accentuate your outfit and bring that element of surprise to your overall appeal.

‘They add unpredictability to the otherwise tried and tested gown and high heels combo.’

One amazing thing about boots is that you can color code it and make it compliment the rest of your outfit.

P.S: With boots, you don’t have to worry about shaving your legs. Who even maintains their ‘leg shave day’ in winter, right?

Colorful winter wear

For a lot of people around the world, winter is a much greyer season than autumn. With frozen-lakes, slushy roads, snow-laden trees, and hibernating animals, it’s not difficult to imagine winter as a very depressing time.

But even if the world around feels devoid of color, you can always try and lighten the mood with a bit of metallic magenta or even pink for that matter over your formal dress. This is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Final thoughts

There are so many ways in which you can accentuate your very own style and personality with the right winter wear. And though we have listed some of our favorites today, there are still so many ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Experiment and think outside the box, look in your closet and pull out the coats and jackets you own, you might be surprised at what you see and who knows, you might have the perfect coat right there.

Enjoy the party season.

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