What to Wear to a Bar in Winter

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

It’s 7 PM on a Saturday night. You just made plans with your friends to head out to that new bar which just opened up around the corner.  

But it’s so cold outside. So how do you look cool and sexy and at the same time, ensure that you don’t freeze to death?

You also need a little flexibility. The inside of the bar isn’t going to much warmer than outside. so you need to wear several layers of clothing. If you’re feeling warm inside the bar, just take off the first layer, and you’ll be sorted.

However, if you walked into the bar in the evening, that’s not going to be nearly as cold as when you come out at around midnight. So you need to be prepared for that too. Again this is where the beauty of layers comes in.

Keeping in mind all of this and choosing an attractive outfit might seem a little complicated. But it’s really not, here’s some help from the Hound.


When you don’t want to freeze your legs in a mini skirt but you still want to show off your perfect pins, how about wearing leggings? Not just any leggings though. Leggings for evening wear should be sleek and sexy, think leather or PU. Super skinny and shiny works great too. You can’t go far wrong with a great pair of skinny leggings in black, paired with a killer top and jacket and you’ve got the perfect bar hoping outfit.

You can even pair up your skirts with leggings, and they will work as an absolute charm. If you want to go for a more carefree look, wear shorts along with the leggings. Wear a flowy button down shirt along with it, but keep it tucked in to accentuate your curves.

The shorts and tights look has been around for quite a while now, and it’s a fashionable alternative to wearing skinny jeans all the time.  

Pair off your tights with boots which will protect you from the sleet or snow and simultaneously, make you look like a million bucks.

Can’t have enough of leather

When the question is should you or should you not wear leather, the answer is always yes. But don’t worry you don’t have to wear actual leather if you don’t want to, there are some great PU alternatives out there that look, and feel, just like the real thing.

If you want to look young and edgy, try on a T-shirt with leather or faux-leather leggings. A white T-shirt with leather leggings is a timeless look whereas if you wear a shirt with graphics on it along with the leggings, it gives you a rockstar vibe.

However, what’s way more fashionable than leather leggings is a leather jacket. Nothing screams confidence better than a leather jacket, jeans, and a tank top. Although you might feel a little cold wearing a tank top, you can always put on a woolen underneath. (You can get some great thermal vests that are easily hidden beneath a T.shirt or tank top, they’ll keep you warm and let you wear what you want).

Don’t just limit yourself to this combination though. Leather jackets look great even with party tops and silky blouses as well. Some might think leather jackets look a little too rugged, so you can pair it off with accessories and leggings which show off your curves.

If you don’t fancy the full-on biker chick look try and more structured leather jacket which will still look edgy but in a classier way. A leather jacket is so diverse it can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.  

There’s no occasion which can’t be made fashionable with the inclusion of more leather. However, don’t pair leather jackets with leather leggings though as that is going to be just too overwhelming.

Jackets maketh the dress

The problem that a lot of people face with jackets is that the place where they’re going might not have a coat rack. You could keep it on the seat beside you, but then you are bound to forget about it after a night of heavy revelry.

However, what you can do is you can make the jacket itself a part of your outfit and not something that you’re wearing just to keep the cold at bay. This will let you combine pieces one wouldn’t usually and will make for a lot of innovative and creative choices. Play it right, and you’ll be the talk of the party.

A utility jacket gives you full coverage and warmth and will also look very cool paired with blue jeans. This will make for a casual yet dressy look which is all the rage nowadays. Play all your cards right, and you can bet that the cute guy across the bar won’t stop looking over at you.

If it gets exceptionally cold where you live, your best bet is to get a parka. Parkas are an all-time favorite when it comes to winter wear. They are warm and comfortable and are symbols of elegance and grace. A good-quality parka can be dressed up and down and is a jacket you can wear daily so if you live somewhere with extreme weather in the winter, invest in a decent parka and it will soon become your go-to winter jacket.

There are also plenty of full-length jackets available as well. A double-breasted trench coat, tied across the waist gives you an air of authority and prestige like nothing else plus the belt cinches in your waist and accentuates your body.

Figuring out what jackets work best for you might take some trial and error, but if it’s totally frigid, where you’re from, you really have no option other than having a solid range of jackets.


If you’re not the kind of person who likes jackets, always consider vests and long scarfs. Of course, if you’re wearing vests, you should also find something fashionable to wear underneath it. A black, silky blouse looks great under a faux fur vest.

What’s great about vests, is that they provide contrast and a separate layer in the middle, which is excellent for keeping your vital organs warm and also add another dimension to your dress. Vests work great with long sleeved dresses, sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, and even thin sweaters.


Remember to wear scarves as well. Scarfs keep your neck warm and draw attention to your face. If you want to blend into high-society, scarves are an absolute necessity and indispensable to looking classy and sophisticated.

Final Words

Just a statutory warning here: We understand that looking chic and fashionable is the whole reason you’re spending big bucks at the shopping mall. Your clothes are in many ways a reflection of you and who you are as a person.

However, it’s also important to remember that your clothes should provide you with shelter and comfort from the cold and wind and dampness. However, it isn’t that hard to find clothes which make you look beautiful and help you feel comfortable as well.

Have fun – and stay safe!

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