What to Wear to a Broadway Show in Winter

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Comfort and utility should always come first when dressing for a Broadway show in winter.

Sure, fashion is important too for such occasions, alongside maintaining the right Broadway etiquette especially when your friends are looking.

But, when your bones are freezing over from the cold, do you think you’ll have an enjoyable experience?

So, it’s crucial to keep fashion at a minimum and pick easy to manage winter wear that can help you through both indoor and outdoor conditions.

In this what to wear to a Broadway show in winter guide today, we will help you out with staying warm whilst looking the part.

1. Light Layers of Winter Wear

Broadway shows are generally held indoors, within four walls; in a very warm and cozy environment. The key to staying comfortable is to wear multiple layers you can take on and off to regulate your body temperature.

Broadway shows rarely have a dress code, so it’s up to you how casual or formal you’d like to dress for the evening.

So, with an evening gown or formal attire, you’ll want to wear layers you can take off once inside so you don’t get too hot. For women, an evening dress/gown paired with a shawl will be ideal for warmer evenings/nights and is ideal to keep you covered by to take off inside when it’s warmer. For men wearing a suit or blazer, there are a few options for coats you can wear.

  • Overcoat
  • Double-breasted peacoat
  • Trench coat

If you’re wearing a tuxedo, then a  double-breasted Paletot overcoat is the most suited option.

For more casual attire sweaters and jackets are an ideal choice to wear as they can easily be taken off once inside.

However, make sure that the layers you wear compliment your entire outfit. A very classy formal attire may not go well with something which is as informal as a hoodie and definitely not a sweatshirt.

2. What if it’s cold outside?

We have all faced those winter nights which are unnaturally colder than the others. The temperatures drop to an all-time low, and you can literally feel your body getting frigid and freezing over.

So if your Broadway show is held on such a night, then the choice of apparel gets even more limited. But there is one way you can try to stylize your appearance.

Windbreakers like jeans or bomber jacket can go a long way in keeping you warm when the temperatures drop too low.

You can tie these light jackets around your waist once inside, and you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about carrying them around.

A Parka is also an excellent winter coat option for when it is cold outside. You can wear one and check it into the theaters’ coat room for during the performance. Once you’re outside, it will keep you nice and warm.

For more formal attire, women could consider wearing a coat such as

  • Belted robe coat
  • Faux fur coat
  • Topcoat

For men consider:

  • Overcoat
  • Double-breasted peacoat
  • Trench coat

3. Manageable Headgear and Winter wear accessories.

If you’re adorning a light jacket over a flannel during the Broadway night, then you probably want to carry around some head warming winter wear accessories.

Things like caps, scarves and even gloves come handy during cold windy and snowy nights. And best of all, unlike a thick shawl, these are easy to manage and stow away.

For men a formal scarf pairs excellently with a tuxedo.

You can fold and stuff them inside your bag or purse, and if you have left your bag and purse behind at home, then you can just stow these accessories away in the jacket sleeve.

The risk of them slipping out of there is low. If you put them inside the hood of your jacket, make sure they are properly stuffed in or they might just accidentally pop out when you move.

4. When it’s too cold, Skirts are a no go.

Sure enough, low cut evening gowns, dresses, and skirts may be the more fashion appropriate choice of apparel, but during cold nights, these choices are rather foolhardy.

Protecting your bare legs from the cold and frigid temperature is something which should be of utmost importance.

So, as an alternative to wearing dresses, you can go for something like a pair of jeans. Jeans are one of the most occasion friendly pieces of garment you will come across. They are versatile enough to fit any form of setting and will help keep you warm when there is a flurry outside and is breathable enough to keep you comfortable while indoors.

Apart from jeans, you can opt for leggings and sweatpants, however, their wind breaking potential is not as good as jeans’ and cannot keep the cold out for long.

For men a pair of dark wash navy jeans are a great smart casual option or a pair of charcoal wool pants will help you stay warm.

5. Heels may not be your best friend.

Venues such as concerts and Broadway shows often have seat placements where you can feel a slight chilling draft near your feet. And if your feet get cold fast, then we would suggest that you go for a warm and comfy pair of shoes that can keep your feet warm throughout the event.

Heels might seem like the best choice to go with your attire and occasion at first; however cold and freezing feet can make you feel uncomfortable.

And even if you’re wearing a lot of warm layers atop, cold feet is bound to give you a chilling sensation all throughout your body.

You can always keep things somewhat fashionable by going for designs such as high-tops and combat boots that will keep you comfortable and improve your overall appeal, or even knee-high boots for when it’s especially cold.

If the shoes are waterproof, then treading through slushy and snowy conditions will not be an issue at all.

For men, a pair of leather Chelsea boots are an ideal winter boot as they can be dressed up or down, even with a suit in some cases.

Final Thoughts.

Winter is a very difficult time of the year, especially when it comes to dressing for some formal and casual occasions.

From picking manageable layers to foldable accessories a lot of things have to be kept in mind when planning for an event.

But we hope that our what to wear to a Broadway show in winter guide today will help you out with some of your winter wear problems.

Till next time!

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