What to Wear to a Christening in Winter

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

A Christening is a joyous occasion and a good reason to join family and friends in celebration. This traditional and formal event requires respectful, modest attire in keeping with the religious surroundings.  

Although you might imagine then that christenings lend themselves to more staid outfits there is definitely room to add your own flair and style and still be respectful of this more formal event. Your choice of clothing should be demure and tasteful but needn’t lean towards the boring.

Attending a christening during the winter may be a little more tricky only because you’ll have to take into account the weather while considering what to wear so you are warm and arrive dry.

Men – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you! There’s advice a little further down the page to make sure that you are dressed appropriately too.

The dress and darker colors

When it comes to an event like a christening, you do get a lot to choose from the formal dress category. Be it a simple maxi dress or a shorter one, do consider a modest style for the purpose.

Midi-dresses can suit the occasion exceptionally well if balanced with a flattering color. Since it’s winter, darker colors with a matte finish such as a chic navy, emerald greens or darker tones of nudes will provide a magnificently refined overall look!

One other color texture that can work wonders against vintage church backgrounds is a stunning pastel. You can’t go far wrong with them! Though just like a wedding, you don’t want your outfit to upstage the baby’s parents or the Godparents. But that doesn’t mean to say you must stick with boring colors. If you really want to get into the spirit of the day, why not wear baby pink or baby blue either as the main focus of your outfit or as an accessory as a nod to the gender of the baby being christened.

Attires in lighter hues

Pulling off lighter shades could be a breeze in summers but achieving the same carefree look in winter may not be an easy feat to accomplish. But, fear not! We’ll tell you how to do exactly that.

When playing with lighter colors do not go overboard with patterns.

Play it safe yet charmingly with flowy hemlines in brilliantly spirited hues such as aquamarines, buttercup yellows, and peachy tones to stand out in the crowd but don’t over do it or else all eyes will be on you when they really should be focused on the parents, Godparents and of course, the baby.

Pair the look up with any dark or nude-toned quarter-length trench or a simple jacket.

Styles and apparel kinds

Although dresses are the go-to attire for such events, you could wear a pantsuit or a pair of neat dress pants paired up with a loose blouse or an incredibly suave tailored shirt! Or a cashmere sweater can also work well under a suit jacket or paired with dress pants. This will also give you some much-needed warmth if the church is unheated.

Pair it with a streamlined coat or muted embellished jacket for a coordinated yet stylish look.

For dresses, do avoid sheer at all costs. Laces will look really great, but as long as they’re nowhere down below the acceptable. Soft, flowy necklines compliment more controlled winter wear such as professional collar on a jacket or coat.

An essential balance of elements is all that you need to own such a look at events such as this one!


The right kind of footwear for a christening may be as hard to understand as the styles one could follow at such an event.

Although pointed heels, covered pumps, and peep-toes should definitely be on your list, playful tie-up pumps and classic black stilettos could work up an impressive look if paired up with the right kind of attire. Depending on the weather though, it might not be warm enough to wear peep-toes especially if the church is unheated or you are in frigid conditions.

Since it’s winter, boots would be unquestionably the in-thing on the church ground. This is one thing that is for all seasons and something that you won’t ever go wrong with.

But, it’s probably best to avoid thigh-high boots for such an occasion though knee-high boots are ideal as they’ll provide additional coverage on your legs which should keep you warmer. Be careful of wearing overly high heels as these might not be safe to walk on the uneven or snow-covered ground which may be present around the church.

If the weather is exceptionally cold then a pair of thermal or insulated boots may be the way to go and I’m sure no one will fault you on that if they are worn beneath a long skirt or beneath a pantsuit.

Box-cuts and mid-rise boots can look beautiful, charming and most importantly, decent for such occasions.

All for our beloved men!

Well, in all honesty, men’s formal fashion doesn’t need to be so complicated with a ton of thing going on for achieving a cohesive, imposing look. Do stick by the ageless black formal coat or a stylishly fitted trenchcoat.

Flattering colors in dark or muted undertones could scorch up the winter atmosphere even at a christening! Simple stripes, geometric or checkered designs could work up a disarming look if paired with just the right kind of formal footwear.

Pulling off that waistcoat set in playful tones of blue or steel grays could be just the thing you need to turn the ladies’ attention from the baby to yourself!

And if you’re settling for the plain casual shirt, a classic white with a couple of buttons off the top is all you need to make it work!

For very cold atmospheres, do go for the perfect trench coat, or on a lighter note, a plain jacket could also be an ideal alternative for the purpose.

For footwear, stick to more formal styles that are generally the go-to thing. If you’re heavily inclined towards a more casual look, loafers or moccasins could be just the thing. If it’s extremely cold then a pair of formal Chelsea boots works well too and you can pair them with thicker socks which will help keep you warm.

Base layers are great for keeping your body warm and so long as they don’t show beneath your shirt, there’s really no reason why you can’t put on a thermal vest.


Winter is the season for decking up on those high-street fashion accessories to make your wintry apparel come to life! This is one department in the entire outfit that gives you ample scope for personalizing an individual style.

Make sure to play with the element of contrast in form and design. If you’re going with something understated in the outfit, pair it up with a single bold piece of elaborate accessory to pull every eye towards it. It could be a belt, jewelry, a handbag or even a watch that brings your style to a scorching conclusion! Decide on the look a day before the event!

Scarves and shoulder drapes are all the rage for winter fashion accessories. But do be sure that they go with the rest of your attire before stepping out wearing them.

Two basic things that never fail in this department are mufflers and thigh-high formal stockings (better to get these ones in wool for the event). These protect well and look beautiful with every kind of apparels.

But, no matter what, do not forget that matching hat with the dress!

Final thoughts

So this is all for the winter fashion scene at a christening! We hope this was a helpful read that provided you with some helpful suggestions!

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