What to Wear to a Club in Winter

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

There is absolutely no possible end to club fashion, no matter what anyone says!

From slip-on dresses and jackets that cling to every curve of your beautiful body and heels that hold the world in tow the holy portals of clubs, we’ve have seen it all!

And then there’s the season of cold.

If you think that winter has ever been able to defeat fashion in its own game, you might as well believe the earth is flat.

However, one would have to admit that it can get a tad bit tricky to flaunt that midriff and toned legs without having your assets freeze off your form.

And if you’re gearing up for that daring night out with your friends even in freezing situations, then you’ve stumbled upon just the guide!

In the following section, we’re going to let you know exactly what you need to wear to burn down the place with the sheer fire of style even in this chill!

Read on for our what to wear to a club in winter guide

The ruling leather

There are but a few things in the world of fashion that sit on the highest pedestal with leather (or PU). That is simply because what leather does is nothing less than pure magic to make your most stunning self come out from behind that unsuspecting everyday persona!

And for wintery scenes at the club, melt the snow off the place with a leather bodycon and bodysuits that the eye can’t possibly look away from! Go all out with leather and metal to gear up a sexy biker-chick look with a heavy-metal leather jacket and matching thigh-high boots!

Men – go ahead and rock it out in dapper jackets of similar elements and materials to impress that pretty little thing at the next table!

Statement coats and trousers

Dress pants, trousers, pleated or pencil bottoms can be the ultimate head-turners in the club. That is if you went ahead and took the risk of figuring out what statement coats to pair them up with!

Oversized flare up coats can be something to look forward to this winter. These make a fearlessly unconventional statement, turning the expected traditional dress-pant code on its head.

Pair up the look with block-heel boots to amp it up. This statement’s going to be every bit stunning and shocking in its overall structure!

The oversized sweater dress and the denim on top

One recent trend that is owning the winter floor with its mere presence is that of the oversized sweater dress! The glam quotient goes up to an unbelievable extent, first, when you put it on and second- when you pair it up with an embroidered retro denim jacket!

This is one combination that is drool-worthy, to say the least. But even more than that, it is as impeccable for high-street club fashion as it could get.

And what could be more perfect than thigh-high suede boots in the blackest black shades? Tell us if reading this isn’t stirring the fashion-goddess inside you right now. We thought so too.

A textured pencil-skirt and tights with that glaring off-shoulder

Out of all the things that might fail when it comes to the winter club-fashion scenario, a textured pencil skirt simple won’t. There’s no doubt in the sheer power of a pencil skirt when it comes to pulling off a club look. Go ahead and couple it up with that bold off-shoulder to turn all heads in the club to that decolletage to die for!

And that one element that brings it all together for this look? Yup, that stunning pair of sheer stocking-legs nested comfortably in mid-rise black boots. We’ll just give you a moment to catch your breath now.

The fluffy coat with ripped skinny jeans

The basic ripped jeans are something that is more than a fundamental style statement. It is actually a place of trust where we know it could single-handedly save a look thanks to its shockingly casual charm and ease of wear.

For winter scenes the skinny ripped jeans could play the ideal companion for a beautiful fluffy coat, a simple textured scarf and a hat to go with!

The sheer playfulness of this look makes it a hot clubbing statement. Throw in some basic pointed heels into the mix, and one can definitely shake a leg to the rhythmic beat of this infallible fashion statement.

The winning skater dress

Unless you choose to wear one in a really messed-up way, a skater dress of all things seldom ever fails to impress. With what it has to offer, the current fashion trend is still coming to terms with its immense potential to transform any look.

And what we’re suggesting for the winter club scene is for you to pair up that scorchingly hot skater ensemble with a cropped leather jacket and thigh-high leather or suede boots to present your divine self in the club. Watch the temperature soar, and the onlookers melt into puddles like ice as you burn up the dance floor with this flaming look!

The short, body-hugging buckled skirt with a cozy loose top

Next up on our list is another look that wouldn’t fail you in any way as you make your way through the frenzied energy across the dance-floor to shake that…WELL!

This one’s a neat, body-hugging buckled mini-skirt that you could pair up with a matching black bustier in the lesser cold, or simply with a lush, cozy loose sweater top or puffer coat in colder situations.

Couple it up with full-length black boots and cast your spell on whoever you look at through the smoking chill haze of the club.

The metallic slip on and body-con

The last one up is something as powerful as leather itself. And that is precisely why we’re placing both at the extreme ends of this list to seal of the deal on this high-class winter club fashion scenario!

The metallic body con or a slip-on dress is not something that you should consider or stand to admire. This is something that your wardrobe needs for all seasons of the year.

The metallic bodycon sets every curve of your stunning body on fire with its shimmering magic; pair it up with a plain dark jacket and command complete control over the scene. And if it’s a slip-on, then spare not a minute in pairing it with a glamorous faux fur coat to enchant every eye and be the object of sheer envy!

Both of these looks are scathingly incomplete with a pair of boots- be it caged, open, peep-toed, shockingly pointed, thigh high or mid-rise – everything’s going to look as fabulous as your own sexy self wearing the attire in the club!

Final thoughts

So this was all on what to wear to a club in winter! Hope you liked it as much as we loved putting all of it out there for you!

It’s time to kick your heels and dance!

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