What to Wear to a College Party in the Winter

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

A college party is more often than not a different world altogether. It consists of raw emotions ranging from the perfect initiation into a year to a teary-eyed farewell and a lot of awkward hormonal changes and weird crushes in the middle of it all!

So, it goes without saying that dressing up for that first college party calls for the most special ensemble that you may have at hand…or not.

And, if it’s in winter, then it can get a bit tricky to keep the cold at bay and still look like the star of the show at the same time.

But, all that being said, if you’re here reading this right now, then you might just be in a fix regarding the perfect outfit for that upcoming winter college party.

Don’t panic, we’re here to help with some hints and tips on putting together the perfect outfit to wow the party!

So, sit back and relax and let us save this fashion day for you!

When in doubt, go full leather!

There could possibly be no seconds to creating the kind of appeal that leather (or PU) can bring forth. And what could be a more ideal time in the year than winter itself for you to don the all-leather and heavy-metal ensemble!

The best part about it is that you do get an awful lot to choose from. Be it a leather bodycon, sleek tights, mini-skirt or just a tie-around winter jacket to show off those never-ending legs, leather won’t ever fail you in any way.

But, no matter what you choose, do not forget to go for the classic thigh-high pointed boots to bring this look to a flaming conclusion!

Skater dresses and cropped jackets

Possibly one of the sexiest bets that would be placed for a college party outfit, the skater dress could make for an incredibly stunning attire. And since, it’s winter, you need not think twice before pairing it up with a leather jacket or just a plain dark one, a denim jacket works great too.

Coats and trenches could also look immensely attractive, but do draw the line before going overboard and risking looking like a pumpkin for that matter.

Both stilettos or peep-toes could work as ideal companions to complete this look. But, in order to bring a real edge to it, go for sheer stockings complete with mid-rise boots.

The skirt factor  

When gearing up for that awaited college party, you do have to be very sure that you’re updated on the status of your skirts. Body-flattering skirts can whip up some of the best looks for an event such as this one.

Be it minis or midis, do go for magnificent leggings, tights, and stockings in all sorts of materials to pull off a stunning look! Plus they’ll keep your legs warm on the walk to and from your dorm.

One that we might suggest is a mini plaid skirt paired up with leather or woolen slacks, paired with pointed mid-rise boots. This high-school look is for eternity!

Another, more elegant take would be flattering pencil-skirts which can pair up with a cozy and luxuriant cashmere top. Go for some sexy sheer leggings but do be light on any kind of slits on the skirts that might not be appropriate for a college party. Keep it casual and fun not overtly sexy or it’ll look cheap.

The long-sleeved crop top

The long-sleeved, body-hugging crop top could be just the thing to wear to a college party in winter. These can be paired up with literally anything that you want.

One out of all the combinations that you could go for is wearing these with a skinny skirt. For a hint of the midriff and a whole lot of incredible playful charm, this look could actually keep it contrastingly simple and yet sexy at the same time!

You can go for any kind of jackets or pretty little coats for topping off this look, but we would suggest you stick with a long jacket which would complement the rest of the form-embracing ensemble. Plus it’ll keep you warm on the trek to and from your dorm.

Two very contrasting pieces of footwear can work with this kind of attire. It can either be knee-high boots or the most chill canvases that would work for it! However, if you’ve got to walk outside to get to the party, stick with the boots.

The lace dress

The sheer, lace or short tulle dress is one of the most beautiful style statements of all times that is effortlessly beautiful. This is as much an evening look for a formal gathering as it’s for a casual one, providing a classic twist to the infallible LBD!

Now, this look is every bit the elegant attire that people will love to flaunt anywhere. But if you think this could get a tad bit too formal for a college party in winter, then all you have to do is pair it up with a dashing leather jacket! This will add a different dimension altogether to the outfit bringing the best of the sexy and the elegant together in single structural integrity of the dress.

A basic pair of pointed heels will amp up the glam!

The oversized cropped sweater top

The oversized sweater is one of the hottest winter statements right now that’s set to become a staple in dorm closets everywhere, this is definitely not going off the radar anytime soon!

This is one look that can work up wonders for your winter college party if you know exactly how to pull it off!

The cropped baggy sweater looks exceptionally well with the classic skinny ripped jeans or black leather tights. Do pair it up with mid-rise or knee-high boots and you’re gonna be turning heads!

The sweater dress is another variation of this lovely woolen ensemble which could go with some denim elements for a jacket and basic black boots. The sweater dress will look stunning and keep you warm. Pair with killer leggings or thickly knit tights and of course a pair of boots, ankle or knee-highs work really well with this outfit.

Also, this is one look you can bring to a conclusion with a cute little fluffy beanie or an embroidered winter cap.

Final thoughts

So this was all about what you could wear to a college party in winter! We hope we were able to put you out of one of the greatest dilemmas that life brings for everyone!

Have fun and – stay safe!

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