What to Wear to a Concert in Winter

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Open courtyard winters concerts are usually not as popular as the summer ones. So, we won’t be surprised if you said you’re not familiar with what to wear when attending one such venue during the colder months.

And as the weather gets colder and exceedingly more frigid, it’s definitely important to stay bundled up and remain warm.

But for an indoor concert, you wouldn’t want to have too many layers on or carry a bunch of clothes around when you get there either.

Hence, it’s crucial to strike a balance between warmth, comfort and a minimalistic style when going to a concert.

And achieving that balance is something which might prove to be hard for many. However, we believe that the tips and tricks that we have are bound to get you sorted for such occasions.

So, sit back and read on to find out what to wear to a concert in winter.

Winter wear that can be carried or tied around the waist

You probably know by now but the basics to great winter wear are layering. Layering allows you to build up the layers from your base layer thermals to mid and finally your outer layer – usually your jacket. This gives you the flexibility to remove layers when you’re warm and add layers when you get cold.

When you know that you will definitely be ending up in a warm place for the majority of the day, it can be wise to wear a long sleeve shirt with a warm flannel on top.

The layers on top will keep you warm while waiting in line to enter the venue. And once you’re inside the warm building, you can just simply take off your flannel and tie it around your waist.

Sweatshirts can be another great alternative to flannel, or even a hoodie might suit your needs just fine. However, unlike the flannel, these ones are a more casual option, and it’s better not to opt for them if you’re looking for something more presentable and ‘classy’.

When picking such combinations for your winter wear, just try and make sure that you pick layers that compliment each other. And also be certain of the number of layers that you’re adorning, too many will weigh you down inside the venue and too less will freeze you when outside.

Wear a light jacket

Some nights have a much bitter and frigid sting to it than most. So if the concert is held on the night when the weather is unnaturally cold, then on top of the flannel you can go for a light jacket.

Something on the grounds of a light windbreaker like jeans or bomber jacket would be sufficient enough for the occasion. This will prevent you from having to carry around a bulky and heavy winter coat all evening.

Jean jackets are very lightweight which you can wrap around one arm and carry. And in terms of fashion, it goes exceptionally well with a flannel layer as well. A good jean jacket can be paired with a lot of different clothes and give you plenty of options to pair with it.  

Hats, scarves and gloves

If the night is cold enough for you to wear a light jacket over a flannel, then there are high chances that you will need a winter accessory as well.

So try to keep your accessories as easy to handle and as light as you can. And the more foldable they are, the better. This can help you manage them quite effortlessly and stow them away in your purse or if you have brought a bag along. Tote bags are great for this, you can stow them in your purse easily when not needed and unfold when you do. A tote slung over your shoulder will look better than a jacket, gloves and a scarf spilling over your arms.

In case you left your purse at home and just have a wallet in your pocket, then you can just fold them and put them away in the jacket sleeve. They will be bulky enough to not slip out, however, if you put them within the hood of your jacket, unlike from the sleeves your accessories can easily slip out off from here.

Never forget to wear your pants

This point might seem rather silly to you, but we honestly can’t stress the importance of pants to you enough.

Sure! Dresses, skirts, and shorts might seem like the more fashionable option to you while going to a concert, but we believe that braving through all the cold and frigid temperature with bare legs is not a wise decision by any means. Your fun day at a concert could end prematurely if you get hypothermia or are shivering the whole way through!

Jeans will ultimately be the best type of pants to cut the wind, and when indoors in a warmer place they are breathable enough to not make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

However, if jeans are not your style, then going for a comfortable pair of leggings and even sweatpants can also be good options. But if the night gets too cold, they won’t be able to keep the wind out for too long.


For those whose feet get cold rather easily and rather fast during the winter months, then going for a pair of warm shoes would be the recommended way to go.

If a chilling draft from below the seat is able to get your feet cold and numb; it wouldn’t matter how many layers you’re wearing on top of you then, your whole body will instantly feel cold. You’ll get uncomfortable pretty quick which may mean you have to leave the concert early.

However, we are not asking you to invest in a pair of winter boots to take with you to the concert. You can opt to keep things somewhat fashionable by going for something like high-tops or even combat boots. Knee-high or ankle boots always look great no matter what you’re wearing.

Some uniquely designed work boots might fit your needs and occasion as well.

You can also try and pick a pair of boots that along with keeping you warm are also waterproof. So, if there is a flurry or a light snow storm out, you can rest assured that your boots will keep you safe no matter what the weather conditions are.

Hence, it’s crucial to gauge what the weather is going to be like beforehand and then choosing your shoes appropriately. Always check the weather a couple of hours before you leave so you can gauge what’s the most appropriate footwear and outfit to wear.

Final thoughts

When deciding what to wear to a concert during the winter, it’s important to think about keeping warm and dry as well as looking fashionable and stylish.  Check the weather beforehand and dress according to the predicted weather.

Have fun and – stay safe!

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