What to Wear to a Party in Winter

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

So, it’s winter, and there’s a bounty of great parties to attend. Now, one may not be ignorant of how wintery scenes can suddenly change the streets into a sheer runway of high-class fashion walks.  

But one definitely needs to learn to subtly decode the winter fashion in order to understand what would work best at formal and informal parties alike!

So, if you’re thinking of ditching those sultry bodysuits for the season, hold it right there!

Because in the following guide we’re going to be whipping up some incredibly stunning looks that might not have struck you as of yet to get you into the party season in style.

So, sit back, look at your closet up close, and expect nothing short of spectacular. As it is the season for parties and everything perfect awaits you ahead!

The dominant sequinned: a look for every occasion!

When it’s a party, the invincible sequinned ensemble will undeniably rule the house. But, it’s better not to dare and bare in anything that fails to keep the cold out. Super-sexy bodycon or slip-on could only do so much on the looks part, without being of much help against the chill.

Now, what you can do instead is to opt for a covered, yet unique attire in the same materials for upping the fashion bar at the party!

An oversized sequined sweater or sweatshirt with an embroidered denim jacket is all you need to turn every head your way and still keep warm!

Go ahead and select a sequined romper or jumpsuit to bring in an eclectic mix of form and design that would flatter your beautiful body and make for a vivid statement at any party!

Miniskirts and animal prints

When you hear these two words together when talking about fashion, know that something great is about to happen.

Animal prints are one of the ruling statements in fashion that seldom fail to impress. Perfect for any winter party or casual gathering, animal prints are some of the most independent statements that can single-handedly act as a cohesive element in the attire.

Now, think of coupling this shockingly attractive texture with a mini skirt for that upcoming party! Mini skirts could be the heart and soul of any gathering.

Be the talk of the town in an animal-print mini-skirt with a pair of thigh-high boots and full-sleeve turtle-neck or a simple top to get the temperatures shooting through the roof!

Ditching that body-suit? DON’T!

Yeah, this one’s probably going to be pretty hard for you to believe, but first, hear us out on it! Instead of wearing those ultra-sexy lacy and racy bodysuits just on their own, go ahead and make them a part of your winter layering to cook up a stunning new look.

Bodysuits can look incredibly attractive over a basic body-hugging turtle neck or skinny tank top.

Do not forget to put pointed boots in the mix and there you have it: a mesmerizing party statement people would stop to stare at!

Leathery overdose!

When it comes to fashion, there’s simply no such thing as too much leather (or PU). This is because leather is out there in a different league altogether when it comes to your “body-defining moments”!

Be it full-length leather slacks, bodycon, bodysuits, skater or buckled mini-skirts, a leather ensemble will rock any party till the sun comes up!

And the perfect element to add in all the right amount of sexiness to a leather dress in winter is to go for a cropped metallic jacket. Darker tones in fabric or leather itself will own the fashion scene single-handedly, melting the ice at any party and setting the surroundings ablaze!

A checkered mini dress with a plain denim jacket

A chequered mid-rise or mini dress paired up with any cool-blue denim jacket can be the perfect dress for a casual house-party. This works wonderfully as a day look or for quite wintry night-outs with friends. It’s a look that can go from work to party with just a few tweaks and a splash more makeup.

This provides a relaxed, chilled-out overall visual appeal, making for a pretty approachable and friendly visage that way.

But the element that would bring a sharp edge to this ensemble is a pair of full-length black suede boots. For an added sensual appeal go for caged boots or if you want to keep it simple, opt for ankle-boots.

The iconic faux fur coat

So let’s face it: there can be no party in winter that doesn’t have the legendary faux fur coat sitting at the head of it all. The faux fur ensemble is something that neither needs an introduction nor does it have to look a certain way to demand attention.

That is because a faux fur coat commands all attention simply by the sheer hypnotic effect it can create for anything that you may be wearing underneath it. And that means any freakin’ thing!

Be it a skirt, a top, a dress in whatever length or whatever you want to get with, the faux fur coat will get your fashion scores to soar high up.

Go for any short dress with full-length black boots and asymmetric front-open faux fur coats to create a lush, glamorous statement at both casual and formal gatherings alike!

The sexy short sweater dress

When it’s a formal party in winter that calls for a dress code, look no further than the sweater dress! The short sweater dresses can look every bit the classiest ensembles in the gathering and still be ravishingly sensual at the same time! Create a look that’s endlessly elegant.

And the missing bit in all of it? A daring dark trench coat with a pair of thigh-high boots!

But if you want a more relaxed look, team a sweater dress with a denim jacket and ankle boots. You can hide a pair of thickly knit hose beneath to keep your legs warm and the jacket will add a more relaxed feel to the ensemble. For a real pop choose a dress in a bright, solid color so you’ll really stand out in the crowd.


Well, it’s winter, and one cannot overlook the importance of a good coat. Long coats and trenches could be a part of a happening event, but they would be more suitable for formal events.

For a more casual party affair, opt for full-sleeved long coats to go with livelier hues and simpler styles underneath. Puffer and fluffy coats could bring in a lavish appeal that would be but hard to miss at any informal and casual party.

Final thoughts

So this was all on what to wear to a party in winter. We hope you were able to get all the necessary tips to get the temperature to soar up at any winter gathering!

Have fun and – stay safe!

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