What to Wear to a Winter Baby Shower

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When someone is expecting a child, there’s no doubt they’ll be excited to share this joyous news with their closest friends and family and of course, what better way than holding a baby shower.

There’s a lot of planning going on – there’s planning for food, such as a tea party, lunch, and desserts. And then, there’s planning for the outfit.

While it’s relatively easy to come up with a summer dress, it is not the same thing with winter outfits since we have to take a lot of things into consideration such as how to stay warm and look good at the same time. Plus if it’s snowing or raining then you’ll have that added distraction to worry about too!

Baby showers are mostly semi-formal or casual affairs so your choice of outfit should reflect this. Dress too formal and you’ll not only look out of place but you might not be able to take part in any of the fun activities or games and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that fun.

Anyway, there is no need to worry, for today we are going to help plan a good outfit; both for the guest and the mom-to-be.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!


Hypothermia is not a price you would want to pay for being stylish. So before you start putting on a rocking outfit, make sure you stay warm first by putting on layers.

When working with layers, you need to be creative to achieve the best look. Go for thinner, yet warmer layers such as long-sleeved merino undershirts.

Just ensure that your layers aren’t too visible underneath your clothes, nothing ruins an outfit then seeing a glimpse of a thermal vest beneath a lovely top!

Don’t forget your bottom half either – if you know it’s going to be freezing cold try thermal tights or leggings to really keep your legs warm. These can be worn under pants too for additional warmth.

But realistically you probably won’t need to go too overboard in the layering department because the event will be held indoors, hopefully somewhere nice and warm.


First of all, if you are a mom-to-be, we would suggest you look for clothes which are comfortable because we want you to move with ease. Anything which is stretchable will be of great help for you to move freely. Long-sleeved maternity dresses are also a great option.

You already have that maternity glow so this would probably be the last time to flaunt it.

Here is our list of ideas for you on this special event:

Jumpsuit or pantsuit

If you are going for these styles of outfits, make sure you choose one which does not appear too formal or professional; keep it relaxed and team with a comfortable pair of loafers or pumps.

Long dresses

The best thing about a long dress is that it keeps your legs warm throughout the day. Choose a lovely wool sweater dress or a jersey wrap-around dress both of which offer comfort while being stylish and easy to wear. You can wear a pair of thermal or woollen tights underneath which should help you to stay warm. Team with knee-high or ankle boots for a contemporary twist.

Mini-dresses and long boots

This option right here makes you look really cute.

We would advise wearing thick tights first to protect your legs and then add a pair of long boots to complete the outfit.

A cardigan or a thick woolen sweater would make a great outer layer for this look.

Bodycon dresses and long boots

Similar to the previous one, this option also involves a mini dress but this time, it’s a bodycon dress. The careful fall of the fabric in these designs makes them very flattering and comfortable so ideal for a pregnant woman while also looking stylish and contemporary. Ensure that the dress isn’t too tight or restrictive and that it allows you to breathe and be comfortable.

Bodycons look so much better when combined with long leather or suede boots and a trench coat. Make sure to wear a base layer that will really lock in your body heat.

Shirts and blouses

Yes, you can combine anything with this – maybe with a pair of loose jeans, trousers or a below knee-length skirt.

Wear leggings or long woolen socks underneath and pair it with any type of boots which you like. Finally, add an outermost layer such as a trench or any neutral-coloured coat.


Ponchos are capes which perform as great outer layers. Woolen ponchos help keep your body and hands warm and also make you look suave.

You can wear it with body-fitting dresses or pants. But just don’t wear it with already flared outfits. You are looking for a contrast of styles with your other clothing items for this reason a poncho wouldn’t be so dynamic worn with an already full and flowing skirt.


If you are a mom who cares more about comfort than style, then casual clothes are for you.

A few things that contribute to the casual look include chequered shirts, long sweaters or cardigans, jackets, and a pair of sneakers. If you are wearing a more casual look then you likely got more flexibility to add base-layers since the outer layers won’t be so tight.

Wedges and block heels also give a neat casual presentation.

For a guest

If you are a guest, it’s likely you’ll end up in a lot of photos. So we suggest you dress up a little bit to prepare yourself for that.


Jumpsuits are mostly worn during summers but their growth in popularity means you can also get long-sleeved versions tool. You can always add a base-layer underneath a jumpsuit for additional warmth. A pair of heels or boots will complete this look and if you feel the heat wear either thermal tights or knee-high socks.

Wear a thicker jumpsuit, preferably velvet if you don’t like layering too much.

Leather jacket and pants

A black or brown leather jacket will go with any type of dress or pants. What will highlight this outfit is a pair of leather boots (both long and ankle-length).  If the weather is extremely cold then a traditional leather jacket might not be adequate as it’s unlikely to have any insulation.

Joggers and a blazer

This is a perfect example of a semi-formal outfit. If you want to mix things up a little, try wearing a nice pair of joggers with tights underneath and a solid color blazer. In a coordinated or complimentary color.

The best thing about this is that you can wear any type of footwear and you’re good to go.

Turtlenecks and trousers

A turtleneck by itself serves as a base layer and an outer layer at the same time because most of them are almost always warm. But if the weather is extremely cold then you can always wear a base layer along with your turtleneck for additional warmth.

If you’re looking to be more on the formal side, wear a classic turtleneck with a pair of formal trousers and heels or boots. A blazer will really pull this outfit together.


Before we go into this section, we would like to remind you that certain accessories go well with certain outfits while some don’t; so you have to choose your accessories accordingly.

Another important point to keep in mind is that accessories should stand out and that’s what makes winter clothes look amazing.

  • Sling or clutch purse

Even though this is a semi-casual celebration, we still would suggest that you carry a formal clutch or purse as it is a highlighting accessory.

Do not carry anything casual such as totes or side bags.

  • Scarves

When you wear a scarf, make sure it suits the outfit, especially with the outermost layer. Which is why we are going to suggest you not to wear scarves or mufflers on top of ponchos.

  • Gloves and mittens

A pair of gloves during winters is a necessity. For a semi-formal event like this, we would suggest you wear leather gloves which are furry or fleece-lined on the inside rather than casual or sporty styles. Stick with a neutral-color palette.

  • Hats

If you’re in freezing temperatures then a hat is an essential piece of your wardrobe and this should still be the case even when attending formal or casual events. Staying warm is essential but especially so for the mom-to-be Choose one that will cover your head and ears. Heat is lost extremely quickly from the head so it’s vital to retain your body heat by keeping your head covered while outside in frigid temperatures.

You can get plenty of styles and designs in winter hats so it’s worth shopping around to see what you like and more importantly, what will work with your outfit.

Coordinate with your gloves or mittens and scarf for a cohesive, fashionable look.

  • Jewelry

Finally, this accessory does not seem like a necessary winter item but it compliments any outfit and just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t add your best jewelry.

After you have put on all those layers of clothes, add a piece of jewelry (such as a necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet or earrings). Make sure not to put on too much, however.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that these are not outfits which you absolutely have to stick to but instead, they are suggestions to help you get an idea of what you can wear to a baby shower during winter. You can always modify and customize them whichever way you want to suit your individual style and tastes.

If you are the mom-to-be go for stylish yet comfortable clothes that will keep you warm.

If you’re a guest at the party then again, wear comfortable clothes that show off your personality and keep you warm. But, don’t go too over the top, it’s the mom-to-be’s day and you don’t want to overshadow her outfit and be the centre of attention when that spotlight really belongs to her.

Have fun and – good luck x

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