What to Wear to a Winter Bridal Shower

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

Bridal showers are like really special little occasions that is all about the new beginning in a couple’s life. They are a chance to meet up with old friends and family and have fun celebrating the upcoming wedding.

It is one of the most important days, other than her actual wedding, in any brides calendar.  Yet, surprisingly, at the same time, this is also the last day a woman has to enjoy her singlehood. That is before getting hitched and becoming a committed partner in a lifelong relationship of trust and love with the person of her dreams!

And if you’re the maid of honor to the bride or even a valued guest to her bridal shower, then you’ve got to make an impression on the rest of the party with an attire people would stop to look at!

Now, if you’re in a fix or not sure what to wear to such an occasion, then don’t worry as in this short article we’ll be explaining what to wear and giving you some tips to ensure you choose just the right outfit to really make an impression.

Selecting the right ensemble

Bridal showers are usually semi-formal events that can be a short and sweet home affair, held at a local community hall or full-on catered affairs at the local country club. No matter where it might be held, picking an outfit for a bridal shower shouldn’t be a challenging thing as long as you keep it modest and classy.

A casual day dress, sweater tops or dresses, elegant jumpsuits, gorgeous, flowy skirts, and stunning dress pants are the absolute go-to outfits that are befitting for occasions such as this one.

And since it’s going to be the season of the cold, coats and jackets will be the show-stealers of the occasion. But don’t forget that winter baby showers will be held indoors so you’ll soon be shedding that jacket and leaving it either with the coat check or in a pile on the spare bed. Make sure you opt for winter wear that would sit just right with the rest of your outfit, complementing and accentuating the overall statement.

Remember that it might not be strictly formal but do not make it an outright casual thing and drop by in your everyday clothes.

Also, do avoid going overboard with showing skin, and choose to keep it gracefully subtle instead.


There is possibly no limit to choosing a dress for a bridal shower given the incredible number of styles you could opt for.

Dresses will rule the bridal shower scenario, so make sure you have one that’s as far apart from anything the rest of the crowd is wearing. Common dresses might just blend in with the rest of the crowd, but not the ones that have got all the right elements going on with them creating just the perfect element of design and form.

Sweater dresses for the season, although inclined towards a bit of a relaxed look, could work brilliantly if you accessorize it well for the event. Especially bright colored examples paired with killer knee-high boots and some show-stopping accessories.

Some of the most spectacular dress materials would unquestionably be laces, tulles, chiffons, and satins. These could work up some real magic at the event making for elegant yet very sensual statements. Nude heels could be just the thing to wrap this look up in a delightful way.

Now, if you’re going for softer colors and demure styles, do opt for really bold materials for your jackets and coats to really make a statement.


If there’s one thing that can single-handedly own every look at any formal, semi-formal or casual event, it’s something that involves magnificent, body-flattering skirts.

Any length of skirt works for these occasions unless they are extremely short (keep your micro minis for the clubs and bars) or bizarre such as tutu skirts. This goes again for the type of fabric, though heavier weight fabrics such as wools will keep you warmer so you might want to consider these if you’re going to a colder venue such as a community hall for example or you’ve got a long walk to get there and back.

Be careful with side or back slits in your skirt or you’ll risk attracting the wrong kind of attention and it might make sitting around in less formal surroundings such as sitting on sofas etc. less comfortable.

Some of the materials that you can safely opt for the skirts can include laces, tulles, and satins. And if you’re really feeling confident enough for a skirt look for a wintry bridal shower, then you can take it up a notch with pure silks and chiffon. These will catch the light in the most stunning way possible giving a magnificent flowing, shimmering effect all over!

For the “uppers” to such beautiful skirts, we would suggest lush woolen full-sleeves or even bell sleeves which create a luxuriant visage. You can’t go far wrong with a warm cashmere sweater which can really elevate a plain pair of pants or looks good paired with a skirt and knee-high boots.

Dress pants

For a bolder, more fearless look for a winter bridal shower, you might want to consider wearing some stunning dress pants or a pair of dignified trousers. This will make an incredible outfit for the day. Go for darker shades or richer nudes and pastels pairing the look with a long jacket or the ultimate dark trench coat!

Such a look could be immensely powerful, yet amazingly elegant. The structural integrity of the attire brings forth an ideal balance of form and design which makes for a style that is not only body-flattering but also accentuates a very personal statement.

Pair it up with a pair of basic black heels to bring the look to a dynamic conclusion.

Also, the functional aspect of such a look is definitely one that concerns keeping the cold at bay. It is thus, a very beautiful and comfortable look to be donned at a winter bridal shower.

The iconic gown

One cannot possibly go wrong with a gown at an event such as a bridal shower. However, keep in mind the occasion and the location of the party before you start buying elaborate full-length gowns there are probably better suited to a ball rather than a wedding shower. You want to be able to move around and not be too restricted by your dress and having an excessively long or puffy dress, for example, might make this difficult.

What we are asking you to consider is a look done in soft, elegant hues for a flowy, beautiful ensemble that will make a breathtaking fashion statement at a bridal shower. Lighter, sparkling colors and pastel shades should be enough to create all the magic for this look, while you could pick any material of your choice to make yourself comfortable in the dress. But steer clear from gaudy or sparkly materials that would be better suited to a night out with the girls!

However, pulling off a gown is no easy feat. Any clumsy move and the appeal falls apart. So be very sure and confident about how you exactly want to create your own look and do keep it very easy and comfortable on the footwear.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right outfit to wear for a bridal shower can be tricky as there are so many options but don’t worry the perfect ensemble is out there that’s perfect for you.

The number one rule for this day is to remember that even though you want to look stunning, and we’re sure you will, it’s the bride’s day and you won’t be very popular with her if your outfit upstages hers! So, keep it elegant, semi-formal (or what befits the location and feel of the party) and classy so you look great, but the bride shines as the star.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and have picked up some helpful hints and tips. Next stop in your winter outfit hunt could be for the actual wedding! But don’t fear we’ve written an article that’s perfect for you – WHAT TO WEAR AT A WINTER WEDDING.

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