What to Wear to an Interview in the Winter

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

Winter can bring out the absolute fashionistas in each one of us. We all want to look our best and impress those around us with our fabulous sense of style and passion for fashion.

But what if you have an upcoming interview to prepare for, smack in the middle of the season and you’re not sure what to wear to a) impress the interviewer and b) stay warm and dry?

Dressing up for that nerve-wracking interview doesn’t have to be stressful, in this article we’ll be looking at some ideas of outfits to wear for a winter job interview so you’ll feel relaxed and hopefully – get that dream job.

With a bit of knowledge about what goes where when it comes to winter formals and a whole lot of confidence, you could get one step closer to achieving that coveted dream job!

And if you’re gearing up for just the thing, you have stumbled upon the apt read!

But first things first, you need to know how formal this interview is going to be before you can decide on which clothes to purchase. If you don’t know then try and find out from the companies website or offices. Look at the clothes other employees are wearing and tailor your look to suit that working environment.

The classic navy blue dress style

Always a safe bet and yet extremely versatile and practical, the classic navy blue suit is a must or every closet whether male or female. Business attire tends to revolve around three main colors – black, gray and navy blue. Choose one of these and you won’t go far wrong.

The ideal combination of the perfect navy business suit not only looks every bit suave, but it’s also a very versatile statement.


A navy blue blazer will be the perfect addition to your business wardrobe and it’s easy to pair it up with a range of different outfits such as a shirt or blouse, a pencil skirt or even a formal dress.

And if you want to add a carefree touch, simply go for a collarless gray jacket with a three-quarter sleeved shirt.

For the bottom half, simply opt for matching slacks and skirts. Or you could go for a khaki skirt or dress pants.


if you don’t want to wear a formal business suit you can always wear a smart pair of chinos and combine this with a button-down shirt.

But honestly, for casual interviews, you could just go ahead with a pair of dark jeans and a stunning black upper that would work so well for either gender.


And here’s why the coat is the first thing that you should think about: this is the first thing that catches the eye and makes the first impression for all who meet you from the receptionist to the person or people conducting the interview.

Every working wardrobe should have a decent coat.

The top coat makes an impactful first impression in an interview or conference. And this is why even a substantial investment in a stunning top coat is always an investment worth making.

It should fit you perfectly and should look entirely professional in every way. A longer or mid-thigh coat that covers the bottom of your blazer or the ends of your suit jacket is always an appropriate choice.

But what looks even better is a timeless trench coat that steals the entire show single-handedly no matter what the situation might be!

If you are located in colder or a freezing climate, then do opt for lined or heavy-duty woolen trench coats. But, if you live in areas where temperatures are routinely below zero for months and months then a woolen coat or trench coat simply won’t be warm enough. In this environment, you may want to look for a parka. Don’t worry what the interviewer will think because they are likely to be wearing a similar coat because they understand the weather conditions and the need for a decent coat that’s going to keep you warm.

Button downs

The best way to pull off a buttoned-down beautifully is to actually go ahead and experiment with the different kind of fabulous fabrics such as sheer silk and chiffon. These look simply brilliant if paired up with a layered-over camisole.

Try being a bit more creative with different colors and styles, going a bit unconventional than the expected office hues, although still being tasteful and classy in your choices at the same time.

However, do remember to avoid getting plunging necklines. Keep it simple and modest. Also, do keep your shirt tucked in at all times unless it’s designed to be left tucked out.

The black dress with stockings or tights

The little black dress is undoubtedly a uniform of immense power. No matter what the situation is, the little black dress wins in every which way and makes for the ultimately dignified business wardrobe.

Do consider investing in a great-looking black business dress that kisses your knees and hugs your body just right. You don’t want the dress to be too lose so it swamps your figure but also ensure that it isn’t so figure hugging that it looks as if it should be worn in a club rather than a place of work. It should be structured to fit well in every way with charming details such as capped or cropped sleeves. This looks unique and still pretty dignifiedly professional. You can go for a cropped blazer on it to keep the cold out.

Textured stockings, tights or slacks could complete this look effortlessly and beautifully.

But, no matter what you do, lay off the fishnet to avoid raising all eyebrows as you walk in. Go for patterned, striped or ribbed ones instead. But nothing too flashy or your interviewer might be focused on your legs and not your answers!

Pull the entire look off in a pair of classic black heels to make a scorching first impression at the panel. A pair of ankle or knee-high boots also work well with a more casual business outfit and they’ll keep your feet warmer too.


So there are a couple of options when it comes to formal footwear in winter. You can go for a pair of nice professional boots in classic black or any neutral tone that would match most attires.


White boots could look beautiful, but the only problem with them is that they could get pretty dirty in all the muck on the streets. And certainly, you wouldn’t want to walk in with muddy shoes on to your interview.

One other way of ensuring that your shoes remain spotless when you enter the professional portals is to carry a change of shoes. You can arrive in a separate pair and then change into the ones you might want to wear. But remember this means you’ll have to carry a tote or bag to store your shoes in and this might be awkward to take into an interview room without you looking like a bag lady, it might come across as unprofessional too as they wonder what’s in the large bag. But you could overcome this by asking the receptionist if you can keep your bag there until the interview is over.

High heels could be just the thing but avoid getting snow on them. Also, never wear sandals or flip-flops to any professional institution no matter how casual the interview may seem.


A good-quality pair of leather shoes is a must to complete any business suit or attire. Laces give a more traditional, professional feel and give an air of classiness to all who wear them. However, because of the cold, you might decide to wear a pair of formal boots or Chelsea boots which still look professional but offer more protection than shoes. You can always wear thick socks beneath your shoes or boots for additional warmth.

Dress pants and sweaters


Sweaters can look really good for business when paired with just the right dress pants. You can easily pair the latter up with a simple shirt, buttoned downs or a heather-gray sweater.

Sweaters could strike an ideal balance between a severely formal and relaxing casual look, making it a friendly, approachable statement for any interview or discussion.

Striped or classic black dress pants could look fantastic if paired with just the right kind of uppers but not so much on the traditional line of styles for that matter.

You could pair such styles up with a casual peep-toe, loafers or ballet flats. Ditch the intimidating heels for the purpose and flow naturally with the casual air it’s going to create for you.

Final thoughts

So that was it for all of these incredible ideas you could employ for striking a disarming look at your winter interview.

Above all understand what type of organisation you are going to and dress accordingly. And don’t forget, it’s okay to wear your winter jacket or coat if it’s really cold, it’s what they’ll have worn to the office themselves! If you need to wear hats, gloves and a scarf that’s fine, just bring a tote with you and put them neatly inside. Ask at reception if you can leave it there with your coat but even if you can’t at least you won’t be dropping gloves on the floor as you walk!

But above all, relax, enjoy the interview and be yourself.

We hope you liked reading what we loved putting together for you!

Good Luck!

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