What to Wear to an Outdoor Winter Wedding

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Tips and hints from the Hound!

A wedding is undeniably the most beautiful formal occasion that could ever be.

This is because the love at the altar pervades and penetrates every obstruction and form to reach everyone who’s witnessing the holy communion of people in love.

This is one event that brings immense happiness and celebrations for everyone until the sun comes up!

And it really goes without saying that weddings are days that sees the best and well, worst of fashion. And if it’s a winter wedding, then there can be way more than just the traditional ways of choosing a particular outfit and wearing it in a conventional way.

So, if you’re looking forward to putting your beautiful and best foot forward in something that flatters it and makes a scorching statement, then we have got you covered!

Because today we have brought some of the hottest fashion styles for a winter wedding that would turn all heads from the altar to the pretty thing that you are!

But first a little warning – this is the bride and grooms special day, all eyes should be on them, she will have spent countless hours choosing her dress and he, perhaps less time, picking the outfit he will wear. So, while you want to look amazing, don’t go too over the top and upstage the bride – that is not a good look!

Steer away from too much white or cream, that’s the bride’s color after all.

The ruling faux fur coat

To start off this list with stunning winter wedding apparels, we would just go ahead and place the dominant faux fur coat right at the head of it all. A faux fur coat needs no introduction and neither does it have to be worked up in a specific way with other outfits to look absolutely royal at any event.

This is because a faux fur coat is both winter wear and a powerful fashion accessory that will own every look at a winter wedding. Go for any sequinned or shimmery dress or a satin or silk ensemble with luxurious faux fur wear to look every inch glamorous at the cold wintry churchyard or venue.

The functionality of this wonderful outfit is obviously of keeping you comfortably warm and snug along with being the absolute star of the show! When the party starts inside, shrug of your jacket and you’re ready to hit the dance floor.

Jumpsuits and dress-pants

Jumpsuits at a wedding can look exceedingly beautiful if you know what styles to choose. Apart from bringing in a unique, unconventional edge to the party, jumpsuits could really spin the traditional wears on their heads, cutting through the expected appeal made by conventional dresses.

Go for daring stripes or solid dark tones for whisking up a look that would complement the cold weather. This could be perfect for times like the cocktail hours and more.

Go for heavier, lush and glamorous fabrics such as velvets and corduroy.

Be fearless when picking body-flattering styles for the events. A ravishing design would be the classic sweetheart neckline or spaghetti strap ending down in a stunning and powerful one-piece structure.

However, if you feel that jumpsuits wouldn’t be up your alley, then you could comfortably opt for a pair of magnificent dress pants with tops in the same styles as mentioned earlier.

You could opt for flowy or soft materials and styles. But, do not forget to go for anything apart from real sharp heels for either look.

The long-sleeved story

A winter wedding doesn’t have to be the reason you leave your favorite dresses behind. Long-sleeved dresses can look just as classy and stunning, if not more, than your standard short dresses. These could be immensely functional styles that would provide all the benefits of a great winter outfit, keeping you warm in the chilly weather without requiring you to sacrifice on the style quotient.

Go for any sort of long-sleeved maxi dress in all kinds of materials, be it sequins or embroidery or traditional embellishments to rock a covered, classy and elegant look at the wedding. A long-sleeved wrap-around or tie-around maxi or midi dress would have a slimming visual appeal for the waist, keep you comfortably warm and let you shake a beautiful leg on the dance floor!

And, the best part about these is that if the temperature isn’t all that chilly, to begin with, it will dispense the need of carrying a cumbersome coat or jacket around all the time!

The velvet jacquard dress

Now this one can be a bit tricky to pull off, but if you do pull it off just right, it will certainly set the place on fire with its sheer scorching attractiveness. Few dresses look as good as a jacquard dress. And for a wintry matrimonial fiesta, look no further than donning a look in a velveteen full-sleeved jacquard assemblage with tones in fiery reds, blues or greens!

Contrary to what you might believe, such an outfit will be extremely easy, lightweight and comfortable to carry. It gives off a stylishly, carefree appeal thanks to a casual wrap or tie-around waist that looks immensely sexy and classy at the same time! It streamlines the entire look to create an embracing and flattering design for every body type!

Simply pair it up with a nude scarf (that is if you have gone for a darker tone on the dress) and a pair of mid-rise or ankle box-cut boots to set a powerful look!

Thicker and more robust fabrics for the winter scenes will keep that cold at bay and define a perfect silhouette for your body!  

Coats, scarves, and gloves!

Coats being the obvious winter staple are all that you need to get just right for owning the winter wedding look! For a wedding, it would be wise to go for nothing short of the tailored coat which will define your body in the most appealing way possible.

However, do not cut back on the functionality of the coat as these would be absolutely essential in that mercilessly chilly weather. You wouldn’t want to shiver in the cold and lose all the charm of wearing a fabulous outfit, would you?

Invest in lush, woolen coats for this purpose. These would look as incredible complementing the rest of your outfit as they would feel against the bitter cold.

Scarves and wraps could be stunning fashion accessories and could really make all the difference for even traditional wear. Pretty and functional for keeping you warm, these could be effortlessly thrown over the shoulder or taken off just as easily. Do not miss out on these!

Gloves are an immensely functional and beautiful style tool that will keep your hands warm and define its contour for creating a sexy and enticing visual appeal! Go for anything in any color you want. Be it leather, lace or satin, people would want to hold your hands’ thanks to the magic these will create!

Laces, tulles, and tights

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to leave your lace and tulle dresses behind. These are the timeless go-to elements for a wedding and look magnificently elegant and beautiful on any body type! Go ahead and create softer looks in pastels and nude tones for a wintery scene. But do not forget to heat it up with a bit of sexy sheer tights to amp up the appeal!

Go for some pointed heels in nudes or mid-rise ankle boots for wrapping the look up in a charming visage.

Final thoughts

A wedding is all about celebrating love and commemorating the day for the couple who has decided to make it official for a lifetime! So, it’s important to remember that it is their day and the focus should be on what they are wearing, especially the bride. She won’t take kindly to someone stealing her thunder so tone it down a bit and let the bride be the star!

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