What Does Après-Ski Mean?

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Après-ski – the grand party that begins after skiing!

So, right now if you’re looking to know more about après skiing; need a few tips for hosting or attending one, let us help sort that out for you!

’Cause in the next few points we’ll be giving you all the deets about what Après-ski actually stands for, as well as how to go about partaking in one! So, you might wanna stay tuned for this one!

So, what is Après-ski actually?

The word “Apres” is a French one that literally translates into “coming after.” So, the word “Après-ski” stands for all the social activities that come after the main event of skiing.

And since skiing usually takes up an entire day to begin and end, consisting of all the laps and rounds, all the “after-skiing” or “après-ski” events occur around sundown.

It could be a grand celebration for a winning team or individual, a great gathering for friends, or an epic party consisting of boisterous merry-making solely for its sake, to make the day memorable!

Although an après-ski party can be celebrated in a place as common as the local pub or diner, venues which host huge skiing events generally offer the services of posh resorts and chalets to all for the purpose.

The origins of Après-ski

The tradition of après-ski actually finds its roots in the refined practices of ending a harsh, cold day with some delicious mulled wine or spiked cider, sitting with your mates all around to unwind, before hitting home.

Today, this tradition has evolved into more raucous scenes set in the Alps and the Andes where skiers head out to enormous celebrations at glamourous clubs or even engage in all-day après!

Après-ski has taken many forms in the present life and times, but you could still feel the traditional essence of the practice in its spirit of merry-making and the way it is organized.

Hence, be it a Gluhwein on a slopeside hut in Chamonix or “shot skis” on a Colorado bar, après-ski stands to be an important culture that brings people together in an amicable competitive spirit!

What to look out for when planning to host or attend an Après-ski?

And although there have emerged many ways to plan and organize an Après-ski, there are still certain basic rules or guidelines that’ll help you determine the perfect place and ways!

1. Consult a local

If you’re a visiting participant from another place but want to apres-party like a local, then the smartest thing to do would be to consult a local about the best places.

It might be pretty tempting and comfortable to look for the highest reviewed spot for après-ski on the internet. But, you could land a lesser-known gem if you polished up your conversational skills this one time and approach a local.

Not only could they give you a heads up on all the most happening spots in their breath-taking mountain towns, but they can also help you explore spectacular places that will turn your experience into a real adventure.

Locals can also be of immense help if you wanted to know about the best days in the week to hit a particular spot. Or all the “specials” up on the list of things you could do at your local après-ski venue on a certain day or time.

2. Fish out live music

If it’s going to be an après-ski party, then it has to have music, and that has to be nothing short of live! Be it your favorite local band rocking the very soul and spirit of the mountain region, or an enchanting fragment of jazz played by a solo pianist at a glitzy, snowy resort – a party begins when the music starts flowing like wine in the air.

If you’re looking to host, an après party or attend one, stick to outdoor venues with dazzling spring afternoons laced with classic music on the docks. Or visit bustling ski bars strumming high on some groovy notes on the chilly weekends of January!

And if that’s too loud for your taste, you could always head out to attend more luxurious and glamorous hotel lounges with elegant cocktail evenings, plush couches or outdoor fire pits.

3. Bet on the bar’s best drink!

A proper, soul-stirring, table-thumping and boots-jumping après-ski party calls for the best drink in the bar and, obviously unending rounds of it!

It is highly recommended that no matter which spot you choose for your après party scenes, do resist the desire to reach out for usual happy-hour comfort drinks and order a catch of the bar’s specialty!

Not only could this be a mind-blowing experience taste-wise, but it will give you the rare opportunity of experiencing the authentic flavors of the region and the mountain town culture that welcomes you with arms wide open and tankards overflowing!

Remember: every drink has a story, and this can be your chance to know all about it!

4. Always know your way home

The whole point of a party such as that of an après-ski’s is to get swept up in a moment of immense celebration, mirth, and laughter, and to forget all about the tension back at home!

It is pretty easy to lose track of time and sense of place in these situations.

And although that isn’t always a bad thing, you should always be responsible for your state and surroundings, keeping in mind that you will have to return home after the party.

Certain mid-mountain ranges such as the Vail-Village and the likes are where they host hard-core après parties, especially around mid-March. These could involve official lodge parties or private parties at wooded spots.

And many times, you’d need to ski down or use a lift access if you’re at a slopeside rental. Do plan ahead of your return, charting out the ways and be sure of your routes to your place.

5. Connect and be happy!

More than being just a party to drink and let loose, an après-ski is an excellent opportunity to connect with the spirit of locals of the mountains and get closer to the culture and tradition of the place.

It is a brilliant way to spend some wonderful time unwinding with your friends after a full day on the mountain slopes. Enjoy some local food and music, taste some delectable local drinks and partake in the celebratory ways of the place!

Good stories, the great company and a kiss of snow in the surrounding air – spells magic? We think so too!

Ready for some fun?

And with that we come to the very end of this read, only to meet again real soon. We hope you liked what we had to offer and look forward to your next ski trip eagerly!

Here’s to all the great après Skis for you in the future!


Take care!

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