How to Dry Ski Gloves and Mittens

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The correct care of your ski gloves and mittens is important, you’ve taken the time to research and buy that great pair you want them to last. Proper care and your gloves and mittens will last for many seasons to come. This article focuses on how to dry your gloves and mittens; we also have a comprehensive article on washing ski gloves which covers hints and tips on the correct way to wash your gloves and mittens.

How Should I Dry my Ski Gloves and Mittens?

Follow these tips:

  • Unless your gloves are made from softer fabrics such as wools or polar fleece, avoid wringing or twisting them.
  • Wrap a clean towel around your gloves to remove excess water.
  • Squeeze the gloves gently to further remove moisture.
  • Leave them to dry naturally when possible.
  • Hang gloves by the fingertips above a gentle heat.
  • Avoid excess heat as this may damage your gloves and could be a fire hazard.

How Should I Dry my Leather Ski Gloves and Mittens?

Leather gloves (and this doesn’t matter what sort of leather) or gloves with leather components such as palms or fingertips, should be handled delicately to avoid cracks and damage.

A good pair of leather gloves or mittens, well cared for, should last you for years; leather is a supple, hard-wearing fabric which is ideal for ski gloves and mittens.

Here are some simple tips:

  • Do not wring out your gloves or mittens, this could cause damage to the delicate stitching.
  • Take a towel and roll it around the gloves to soak up any excess water.
  • Where possible leave to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight and away from direct heat - do not place onto a heat source such as a radiator as the heat will be too hot and could damage the leather.
  • Hang them by the fingertips, this allows the inside to be dry and any water to run off the cuffs - if you are hanging your gloves indoors place a towel beneath them to catch any drips of water so it doesn’t leave a soggy patch on the hotel carpet!
  • Wait until the gloves or mittens are dry before applying a wax or leather conditioning treatment.
  • Use a good quality leather treatment wax or conditioner during the season and after you‘ve washed your gloves or mittens and they’ll last you for many seasons of happy skiing.

Can You Buy a Glove Dryer?

You can purchase either a glove dryer or a boot dryer with a glove drying setting or function, for hassle-free drying.

Here are some simple tips for using a glove or boot dryer:

  • Don’t use a boot dryer unless it has a specific setting for drying gloves, the high heat of a boot dryer may damage the delicate fabric and construction of your gloves or mittens.
  • Choose the correct heat setting.
  • Models with automatic programmes and timers will avoid overheating and damaging your gloves or mittens.
  • Automatic shut-off functions are another way to make sure you don’t damage the fabric and stitching by over-heating your gloves or mittens.

Boot and glove dryers are great for holidays, but if you are planning to take one with you, here are a few tips:

  • A model with USB connectivity will let you dry your gloves in your cabin or room with ease.
  • Folding dryers a great for throwing in your suitcase.
  • Choose a quiet model which won’t disturb your neighbours if you’re staying in a hotel.
  • Check the voltage of the hotel or cabin if you‘re taking your dryer overseas.

Can I Put my Gloves in a Regular Dryer?

No, unless the manufacturers said it’s okay, it‘s not recommended. Your gloves structure and the delicate stitching may be damaged by the high temperatures reached by domestic and commercial dryers.

Do I Have to Treat my Gloves After I’ve Washed Them?

The correct post-wash treatment is vital if your gloves or mittens are to keep their condition and performance.  

  • Leather gloves, or those with leather palms and other components, should have a leather conditioner applied to keep them waterproof and supple.
  • Synthetic textile gloves may need to have a water-repellent spray applied.

Check the manufacturer's guidance on the correct aftercare of their gloves and mittens.

Don’t forget that once you’ve washed your gloves you might need to break them in a little afterwards, put your gloves on and make a fist and flex your fingers to get the shape and feel back into them.

Don‘t forget if you are packing your gloves away at the end of the season, make sure they are dry inside and out so’s avoiding any nasty smells next year!
husky in the snow

And, as always, once you put those clean, fresh gloves or mittens back on - don’t forget to wear your leash!

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